- The truth is the truth even if it is sometimes against you and is in the favor of your enemies.

- No betraying, always fight with fair, raise your head and warn your enemies.

- Help your guild members, and act with them the same way you want them to act with you.

- Help others, even your worst enemies, and be careful doing so.

- Never trust anyone but your guildmembers.

- If you have a problem with your guild members, discuss with him, you might easily give an end  to the misunderstanding.

if not or if your problem is with another guild or a guildless member, report it to your guildmasters.

- Corpe retrieval for guild members is mandatory unless if the corpse is impossible for you to retrieve.

- Revenge is bad, and you have to admit it, to take or ask for a revenge, the guildmasters have to approve it.

- You should never ask for levels, you are an elite, and you must be able to grow by yourself.