Long term objectives.


- a house: to hold the guild eq and gold.

- a board : to openly discuss.

- an enroll/dismiss command: not anyone can show [HLE] in their title.

- Guildtalk : talk among the guild.

- some special eq: [HLE] Shield, Bag of thingies.

- Guildguards : 0 exp nospawn mobs bought by pieces guarding the house.

it is fair to pay more for stronger guards that support order like remove or wear.

- a privilege granting command : new members might not be granted the privileges to unwear guards or guildtalk.

-Cashflow: guildmembers are required regurlary to pay to the guild thru : guilddeposit, guildwithdraw and guildbalance and guildparticipation.

- killlist check : a guildmaster might check a member kill list (only 20 first mobs) to see if a quest has been done succefully.