Recruitement is done at very low rate.

2 classes are admitted:

 - followers: restricted members, no access to the house, no cash is required, may bear the symbol of HLE, help in corpse retrieval and eq loading, and must be under level 200.

 - members: should be over level 200, some members might be restricted.

 - admittance:

        - should be coupled with a no "no" from any other members.

        - You can apply for admittance to the guildmasters.

        - admittance requires :

                - a fight in the castle with a guildmember, the guildmasters will choose the opponent : this is to check your Elite part.

                - all your problems with everyone are checked: this is for the Honor part.

                - a nasty quest will be submitted to you: your Loyalty part.


Alliances : Makag


Enemies : no guild is enemy.